Have you ever pulled the trigger on a trade, only to realize that you’ve entered a position at the worst possible time?

Have you ever missed a winning trade because you forgot when the market closed?

You’ll never make those mistakes again when you own the Wealth Builders HQ Trading Clock!

When you mount this attractive clock near the trading station in your home or office, you’ll be able to quickly recognize the hot spots and the no-trade zones that occur during the day. The clock works just like a traffic light: Green for go, yellow for caution and red for stop.


  • The green areas indicate times when trading is the most active. Once you have your trades analyzed and ready, these are the go-zones! These are the safest times to trade.

  • The yellow areas on the clock indicate the periods when futures tend to reverse. The bright yellow indicates caution. (There’s even an index on the face of the clock that spells out these times.) The clock is warning you to be careful!

  • The red zones indicate danger. The bright red colors on the clock offer a reminder that you should be very cautious when trading during these times. (Imagine an emergency vehicle speeding up behind you on the freeway, its red light flashing to get your attention. You pull over and stop to let it pass.)

  • One quick glance at the clock serves as a reminder of where the trading day stands. There is no need to fumble for your cell phone to check the time or glance at your wristwatch – then try to remember the trading rules, all while numbers are flashing and the market is moving. Why not let the Wealth Builders HQ Trading Clock do the work?

It’s all about green , yellow and red!

When you see green, you think GO. This is the time when traders do most of their business. Once you’ve completed your analysis, using all the skills you learned from Wealth Builders HQ, you just cool your jets until the green area. This is when you are good to go!

When you see yellow, it’s time to PAUSE. This is the time to be careful. According to the rules you learn from Wealth Builders HQ, there’s no reason to take needless risks. Breaking the rules – such as trading when it’s not safe – will only get you in trouble. The clock let’s you know when you’re in the danger zone.

When you see red, it’s time to slam on the brakes. That means it’s time to stop! Do not enter! There’s no way to miss the red. It stands out just like a red light you’ll see at the intersection in your downtown business area.

As long as you know your colors, you’re capable to using the Wealth Builders HQ Trading Clock.

The clock (14 inches in diameter) features a heavy duty brushed aluminum case and real glass lens (not that cheap plastic stuff) that are easy to clean. The efficient and dependable hands of the timepiece are powered by AA battery (not included) that is easy to change. The face is clear to read, with large display numbers.

And you can own this reliable, attractive trading clock – it’s essentially a trading tool — for only $69!

Plus, the clock comes assembled. All you need to do is hang it on the wall and get going.

You’ll never miss a trade or get in trouble again with the Wealth Builders HQ Trading Clock