A Professional Trader And An Internationally Known Speaker

Robert Roy is the founder of Wealth Builders HQ. Rob is much sought-after trading coach.

Robert Roy is the founder of Wealth Builders HQ. Rob is a professional trader, an internationally known speaker and a much sought-after trading coach. He lives in New York with his wife of 16 years and his 2 daughters. Prior to trading Rob had a successful career in manufacturing. His successes did not come easy to him. He realized early on that if you want to be successful you need to formulate a plan and that plan needs to be one that can be easily duplicated. With the idea of a plan in mind he set out to create a step by step system that would allow him to achieve the successes he wanted. Rob has taken that same step by step plan structure and converted it into a plan for success in trading the market and in all areas of his life.

Being raised by a single parent money was always scarce. Rob recalls hearing things growing up such as “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” and “It takes money to make money”. Mentally these were road blocks to him early on in life. A large part of his trading success comes from being able to overcome the mental stigmatism he learned so early on.

He uses his God given talents and ability to transform his students into traders of all different levels by aligning their goals with his trading methodology. He has personally mentored thousands of students on successful trading strategies and formulating that same plan into their trading careers.

By focusing on the needs of his students and not his own Rob has been able lay out a step by step plan for you to becoming successful, not only in trading but in all areas of your life. Just remember it is not just the Rich Who Get Richer and you DON’T need to have a lot of money to make money. These are myths that society has bestowed onto us and it is time that you did something about it. Don’t feel that you need to accept the hand that life has dealt you. If you want to change your life, not only by becoming a successful trader but by changing your mindset then you will want to get to one of Roberts life changing events.

Rob has spent over a year developing WealthBuildersHQ.com and bringing on the best tools to help traders be successful. Since its launch (within a few months) there has been a tenfold increase in web presence. When Rob is asked why did you see this growth he answered, “When you build it right they will come”. Learn for yourself why thousands of others chose Wealth Builders HQ as their primary resource for stock market education.