Private Members Area For Stocks

As one of the most sought-after stock market coaches in the industry today Robert Roy is often asked the question of can you make a living trading stocks or how much money can you make investing in stocks. The answer is there are people that are making a living trading stocks or people making a living investing in stocks but none of that could possibly happen if you don’t understand the mechanics of trading the stock market

In this members area you’re going to find 4 separate trainings on trading stocks.

Stock Basics

The first section is stock market basics you will need to have a firm understanding of the basics of the market. Even if you feel you understand the market it is worth the few minutes of your time to go through that section to get an understanding of the things that I look for when picking out candidates.

Fundamental Analysis

Second is fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis helps us to analyze the health of a company in lets us look inside the company and see if this one has the growth potential that we are looking for. This section is more for investors than it is for traders but there are pieces of fundamental analysis such as earnings that traders need to know about so do not miss this training.

The Basics of Technical Analysis

Third is the basics of technical analysis. Technical analysis tells us the strength of a company based on the movement the stock price has had over a period of time. as a stock market trader one of your main goals should be to become proficient at reading a stock chart. This section will be the introduction to that.

Channeling stocks

Fourth is channeling stocks. Channeling stocks is a strategy that allows a trader or investor in the stock market to start off with a simple strategy that has a high probability of the pattern repeating itself. Make sure to watch this as your final video in this section to understand a strategy that you can get started with as a practice trading vehicle fairly quickly.

To wrap up if you’re looking for good stocks for day trading or good stocks for swing trading make sure to watch these starter videos to give you a good foundation to work from. Don’t get hung up on the best stocks for day trading or the best stocks for swing trading, instead focus on learning the techniques which will make picking the stock candidates much easier.