Private Members Area For Options

Whether you want to make a living day trading or swing trading using options is truly the way to go. as an options trader there are many advantages over trading stocks. If you haven’t reviewed the stock training section, click on: “how much money can you make investing in stocks” to be taken to that section now (Romeo I want you to put a hyperlink on “how much money can you make investing in stocks”.

In this member area you will find two different videos on options trading.

Options Basics

The first video focuses on options basics it goes over the mechanics behind becoming an options trader and using options to your advantage. It focuses on things such as the leverage that options give to a trader.

Option Greeks

The second video focuses on the most important option Greeks. This helps a trader understand things like Delta and the important in a trade.

as you head down your journey make sure you start with virtual options trading sometimes known as practice options trading. When you ask the question, what is the best stock for options trading understanding the options basics and the options Greeks will help point you in the right direction.

The biggest key to options trading is it will show you how to invest in stocks with little money and increased leverage while minimizing your risk in the trade.

For more information on risk take a look at the link at the bottom of the page to the CBOE disclosures.